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Sam Lutfy
Assistant Director - Midland


Sam Lutfy joined Texas Native Seeds in November 2017 to help on projects in West Texas, the Texas Panhandle and the Permian Basin. Sam graduated with a Bachelor's in Sciences from Penn State University in fall 2014. There he became interested in Plant Biology and Agriculture and worked as a University greenhouse assistant, as well as, on Aquaponics and Biological Pest Control projects. In early 2016 Sam moved to Kingsville,Texas to work for Thomas Junger (UT Austin), on a project studying the genetic and physiological responses of Switchgrass to variations in climate. While in Kingsville, he was exposed to South Texas Natives, and became fascinated by the benefits of native habitat restoration. Sam has also participated in the establishment and data collection of native pollinator and cover crop projects at the USDA NRCS 'Kika De La Garza' PMC. 

In his free time, Sam enjoys exploring the Texas landscapes through hiking and other outdoor activities. He also enjoys spending time with his family in Austin, Texas and the northeast. 

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