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Current Openings


PH. D. Assistantship(s)

Migration ecology of shorebirds

Position Description:  We are seeking a student to conduct research as part of a collaborative study to investigate several aspects of the migration ecology of shorebirds in the Laguna Madre along the lower Texas coast.

Tanglehead Prescribed Burning and Cattle Grazing

Position Description: The goal is to evaluate the effectiveness of prescribed fire and cattle grazing as tools to reduce density and cover of tanglehead to acceptable levels for both cattle and wildlife species. The results of this project may be used to develop specific recommendations to manage tanglehead invaded landscapes in cattlewildlife operations in the South Texas region encouraging the conservation of natural resources. Portions of the research will be used by the successful applicant for their Ph.D. dissertation.

Landscape Analysis of Habitat for Ocelot Recovery

Position Description: The graduate student selected will conduct research on the ecology and habitat use patterns of ocelots at the landscape level in South Texas. Satellite imagery, LiDAR, and other remote sensing will be used. Student will assist ongoing field projects of wild cats including box trapping, sedation, and camera trapping, as well as contribute to program activities. The successful candidate will pursue a PhD degree in Range and Wildlife Management with the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

Influence of Agriculture on Mule Deer in the Southern Great Plains

Position Description:  We are seeking a graduate student to study mule deer movements and demographics in the rangeland-agriculture matrix of the southern Great Plains in the Texas Panhandle.  The successful candidate will work on a research team of biologists from the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute, Texas Tech University, Sul Ross State University, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  GPS collars on adult deer and VHF-collars on fawns will be used to document mule deer movements relative to agriculture and to assess survival as a function of the proportion

M.S. Assistantships(s)

Factors Influencing the Spatial Distribution and Increase of Tanglehead (Heteropogon contorus) on South Texas Rangelands

Position Description: The invasion of single species often creates monocultures and simplifies vegetation communities thereby negatively affecting food and habitat resources for wildlife. In the last 15 years, landowners and managers have observed the increase and dominance of tanglehead, a native grass acting as an invasive species, on South Texas rangelands. The causes of this increase are unknown but may be related to changes in grazing pressure and weather patterns.

Range Plant ID and Habitat Restoration

Position Description: We are seeking a student to (1) assist in coaching our collegiate range plant identification team and (2) conduct research to determine if restoration of native plants on landscapes dominated by exotic grasses increases northern bobwhites. Research responsibilities will include sampling vegetation and soil seed banks, assisting with restoration activities, and assisting with capture and radio-collaring of northern bobwhites.

Wildlife Community Response to Native-Grassland Restoration

Position Description:  Invasion of non-native grasses has degraded wildlife habitat on vast areas of the southwestern United States.  We are seeking a student to assist in a research project to document if landscape-scale restoration of native plants on rangeland dominated by buffelgrass and Old World Bluestems increases northern bobwhite, scaled quail, songbird, small mammal, and butterfly populations.  The successful applicant for this assistantship will focus on the non-game wildlife community response but will work as part of a team of graduate students and undergraduat

Gamebirds on the Coastal Prairie

Position Description:  We are seeking a student to conduct research as part of a collaborative study to determine if red imported fire ants impact nest success and site use of northern bobwhites and re-introduced Attwater’s prairie chicken on the coastal prairie of Texas.  Research responsibilities will include 1) working with graduate advisors to design a research project as part of an overarching collaborative project, 2) oversight of research technicians, 3) sampling fire ant densities and vegetation,  4) capture, radio-collaring, and tracking of northern bobwhites, 5) a

Research assistant for Prescribed burning of cordgrass

Position Description:  Successful applicant will study effects of patch burning in varying seasons on cordgrass vegetative communities and livestock distribution on the South Texas Gulf Coast.  Project goals include determining herbaceous biomass, species diversity, and effects on below-ground plant tissue.  Position also requires work on related projects as requested.  Successful candidate will pursue an M.S. degree in Range and Wildlife Management at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

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