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Permian Basin-Panhandle Native Seed

Permian Basin-Panhandle Native Seed

Permian Basin-Panhandle Native Seed Project enormous needs for reclamation using native seeds are associated with oil and gas, pipeline construction, and sand mining operations, which are dramatically increasing in this region.   Needs associated with rangeland restoration and wildlife habitat improvement by landowners and surface-owning energy companies is high.  Native seed needs for habitat restoration associated with species of concern for listing under the endangered species act are also high.  Seed collection, engagement of landowners, and cooperative work with energy companies are needed in this region. Evaluations for this region will be conducted at the Railway Ranch, Knox City PMC, and another location for the northern portion of the region focusing on areas of cropland conversion or CRP is being sought.

Regional Contact

Assistant Director: Sam Lutfy

Phone: (570) 903-0970


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