A Photographic Guide to the Vegetation of the South Texas Sandsheet

Bermudagrass Control and Restoration of Native Prairie for Northern Bobwhites

Central Texas Natives Seed Project Collection, Evaluation, Increase, and Release

Collection, Development, and Release of Native Seed Resources for Texas

East Texas Natives Project Collections and Evaluations

Ecotypic Seed Source Development in the Coastal Prairies Region

Establishment of a Native Plant Demonstration Garden in Downtown Midland

Estimation of Future Native Seed Deman for Trans-Pecos Restoration Projects

Grassland Restoration in Northeast Texas—The Riverby Ranch Project

Licensing the Commercial Seed Production of Native Seed Releases

Martindale Army Airfield Pollinator Planting Demonstration

Native Plant Material Development and Restoration for the Trans Pecos and Permian Basin

Native Seed Development for U.S. Forest Service Restoration in East Texas

Permian Basin and Panhandle Native Seed Project Collections and Evaluations

Pollinator Management:  Grassland Restoration at Camp Bowie Training Center

Publication of an Eagle Ford Shale Restoration Management Bulletin

Quail Ranch Grassland Restoration Research Plantings

Railway Ranch Reseeding Research

Release of Brewster Germplasm Sideoats Grama for West Texas

Release of Hooded Windmillgrass and Sand Dropseed Ecotypes for Central Texas

Release of Starr Germplasm longspike silver bluestem for use South Texas

Restoration of Monarch Habitat on the Valley Crossing Pipeline

Restoration of Native Plant Communities in the South Texas Sand Sheet

Sandbrock Ranch Native Grassland Restoration Research Project

The Texas Native Seeds Program Pipeline Prairies Initiative

TxDOT Native Plant Integration Program for Texas

Update on the South Texas Natives Project

West Texas Native Seed Project Native Seed Source Development