A Talk on the Wild Side

A Talk on the Wild Side podcast is where we chat with experts and enthusiasts in wildlife management, marine conservation, and hunting and fishing in South Texas.  Topics are as lively and diverse as the resources themselves--butterflies, quail, sea turtles, fire, ocelots, native plants and more!  This is a podcast for anyone who enjoys learning more about our natural resources in an engaging and entertaining way.  

HEB presents an Our Texas, Our Future film series

CKWRI is proud to call H-E-B a partner when it comes to ocelot conservation and honored to be involved with "Ranching with Ocelots" featuring our partners at East Foundation.  Click the photo to watch the ocelot film or visit to see all the films.  

Somewhere West of Wall Street logo

CKWRI is proud to be featured on the tv series Red Steagall Is Somewhere West of Wall Street. Singer, songwriter, poet, author and cowboy Red Steagall, hosts his award-winning weekly television show which airs on RFD-TV. This TV series takes Red on those highways and byways of our great country. Ride along with him as he discovers some of the most interesting historic landmarks and trailblazers of the West. 


West of Texas

CKWRI is proud to be the Title Sponsor for West of Texas, a unique hunting show distributed on Sig Sauer’s video channel. Season 2 of West of Texas features the research being conducted by CKWRI and why it is relevant to the future of wildlife and conservation. West of Texas uses hunting as a vector to tell the story of wildlife through the perspective of data-driven research, and of the researchers who have dedicated their lives to conserve wildlife and its habitat.