Current Named Endowments


Tio & Janell Kleberg Wildlife Research Park Endowment

Fred C. Bryant Director’s Infrastructure Endowment


Richard M. Kleberg, Jr. Center for Quail Research

Patton Center for Deer Research


Stuart W. Stedman Chair for White-tailed Deer Research - Dr. Michael Cherry

Meadows Professorship in Semi-arid Land Ecology - Dr. Evan P. Tanner

Leroy G. Denman, Jr. Endowed Director of Wildlife Research - Dr. David G. Hewitt

C. C. (Charlie) Winn Endowed Chair for Quail Research - Dr. Leonard Brennan

Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. Endowed Chair for Quail Research - Dr. Fidel Hernandez

C. Berdon and Rolanette Lawrence Endowed Chair in Waterfowl Research - Dr. Bart Ballard

Dan L Duncan Endowed Director of South Texas Natives and Texas Native Seeds – Dr. Anthony Falk

Frank Daniel Yturria Endowed Chair for Wild Cat Studies - Dr. Michael E. Tewes

Frances and Peter Swenson Chair in Rangeland Restoration Research - Dr. David Wester
(Swenson Fellowship matched by the Estate of Nadine Arrington)



Sam Walton Fellowship in Quail Research

Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation Endowed Fellowship in Quail Research

Elliot B. and Adelle Bottom Fellowship in Quail Research

Walter Fondren, III Fellowship in Shorebird and Wading Bird Research

Betty and George Coates Fellowship in Habitat Enhancement Research

Jess Y. Womack, II Fellowship in Wetlands and Wetland Bird Research

Boone and Crockett Club Fellowship in Ungulate Research

Hixon Fellowships in Deer, Quail, and Range Restoration Research (3)

Kenneth E. Leonard Fellowship for Livestock-Wildlife Research

Stuart W. Stedman-Faith Ranch Fellowships in Deer Research (2)

Mike and Mary Terry Family Endowed Fellowship for Habitat Research

Coates-Kelso Graduate Fellowship for Conservation and Management of White-tailed Deer

Phil and Karen Starr Hunke Fellowship in Wild Cat Research

Julianna Hawn Fellowship for Habitat Restoration

Jeff Hildebrand Fellowship for Livestock-Wildlife Research


T. Dan Friedkin Endowment for White-tailed Deer Research

Brittingham Conservation Foundation Endowment for White-tailed Deer Research

F. Peter Zoch, III Fund for Research in Habitat Enhancement

Frank and Mary Grace Horlock Endowment for Wildlife Research

Richard M. Kleberg, Sr. Fund for Native Plant Development & Habitat Restoration

Linda and Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. Endowment for Waterfowl Research

Stuart W. Stedman Endowment for White-tailed Deer Research

Ann and Henry R. Hamman Fund for Wildlife Research

Buddy and Ellen Temple Endowment for Native Plant Research

Tim and Karen Hixon Fund for Wild Cat Research

Tom C. Frost Endowed Fund for Rio Grande Turkey Research

Daphne and Ben Vaughan III Endowment for Birds of Prey, Songbirds, Shorebirds and Habitat Research 

David Killam Fund for Wildlife Research

Allison and Bryan Wagner Director’s Excellence Fund

Doris and Terry Looper Endowed Fund for Wildlife Research

Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. Endowed Fund for Wildlife Research

Neal P. King Memorial/Las Islas Endowment for Habitat Research

Grady Cage Memorial Fund for Quail Research

Ellen B. Randall Fund for Wildlife Research

Ann and A.C. Jones, IV Fund for Invasive Grasses Research

The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation Endowed Fund for Wildlife Molecular Genetics Research

Tio Kleberg Endowment for Applied Wildlife Research

Charles A. DeYoung Endowed Fund for White-tailed Deer Research

Leonard Family Endowed Fund for Wildlife Habitat Research

Leonard Family Endowed Fund for White-tailed Deer Research

Stacy and Chad Auler Fund for Wildlife Research

Nancy Lee and Perry Bass Memorial Endowment for Bobwhite Quail Research

Mesteña Endowed Fund for Quail Research

Helen and Curtis Pinnell Endowed Fund for Shorebird and Waterbird Research

Frances and James A. McAllen Endowed Fund for Wildlife Research

Angie and Billy Lemmons Endowment for Wildlife Research

Vannie E. Cook Endowment for Wildlife Research

Stanton Bell Endowment for Wildlife Research

Holt-Atherton Memorial Fund for Wildlife Research and Education

The Morton Cohn Family Endowment for Quail Research 

Benjamin Franklin Pitman, III Endowment for Wildlife Research

Celia & Cornelius Dupre Program in Wildlife Education

Laurie & Duane Leach Avian Research Endowment

Meredith Long Wildlife Internship Program

William E. Watt, II Memorial Fund for Quail Research 

James R. & Alinda H. Wikert Endowment for Quail Research

Isabel B. and Wallace S. Wilson Endowment for Quail Research

The Robert and Laura Underbrink Endowment for Quail Research

The Kate Fisher Foundation Endowed Fund for Habitat Restoration in Central Texas

Rebecca Trant Endowment for CKWRI Staff Excellence

David G. Hewitt Endowment for Deer Research

Hill Country Quail Coalition Endowment for Quail Research

Images for Conservation Fund (ICF) Endowment for Wildlife Photography

John Terry, III Memorial Fund for Wildlife Research


David W. Killam Distinguished Lectureship in Deer Research and Management


Robert and Rebecca Palmer Scholarship Fund

A.E. Leonard Undergraduate Scholarship in Wildlife Conservation

Phillip M. Plant Endowment for Graduate Scholarships in Wildlife Research

Alec D. Ritzell Memorial Fund for Wildlife Research and Education 

Leigh and Lon Cartwright Endowment for Student Scholarships

Hardeman Family Foundation Endowment for Student Scholarships

David G. Hewitt Endowment for Graduate Students


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