Native Seed Selection Tool


To view a custom seed mix for your area, first select the region that your property is located in. Within the zoomed region select your county.  Once you click on your county a box will generate which will list the soil types within each ecoregion in that county. Select the soil type that applies to your area and a pdf will generate once selected.

The pdf will list the recommended varieties with % of planting rate and a Pure Live Seed rate. Also included are licensed seed vendors along with contact information for local technical guidance.


  • Blackland Prairies
  • Coastal Sand Plains
  • Edwards Plateau
  • Gulf Coast Prairies & Marshes
  • High Plains
  • Llano Uplift
  • Oak Woods & Prairies
  • Piney Woods
  • Rolling Plains
  • South Texas Brush Country
  • Trans Pecos