Release & Commercialization

Checking Out a Field

Once selections are made and large quantities of seed are produced, formal release of the species is conducted. Comprehensive data summaries are prepared and reviewed by all collaborating entities. Formal naming of the release is also completed during this phase. During this process, we request proposals for licensed production of each releases.  These licenses are negotiated with assistance of the Texas A&M System License of Technology Commercialization.  Licenses require certified seed production under Texas Department of Agriculture and ensure quality seed supplies are delivered to consumers.  These licenses also provide royalties to TNS that help offset the costs associated with maintaining seed supply of each release.

Following approval of the release by all collaborating entities, breeder seed of the release is distributed to licensees. Project personnel assist and consult with commercial growers to insure successful production of the release. Once adequate commercial quantities are available, they are offered for sale to the public by the commercial seed companies. TNS serves in a supporting role at this point, and provides consultation and assistance to the growers to insure their success, in addition to growing and suppling needed Breeder Seed supplies to expand production as desired by growers.


Current Licensed Seed Growers


Plant Release Name Release Brochure Release Document
Atascosa Germplasm Texas Grama .pdf .pdf
Balli Germplasm Prostrate Bundleflower .pdf .pdf
Catarina Bristlegrass Blend .pdf .pdf
Chaparral Germplasm Hairy Grama .pdf .pdf
Dilley Germplasm Slender Grama .pdf .pdf
Divot Tallow Weed Blend .pdf Unavailable
Duval Germplasm Red Lovegrass .pdf .pdf
Falfurrias Germplasm Big Sacaton .pdf .pdf
Fuego Germplasm Indian blanket .pdf .pdf

Goliad Germplasm Orange Zexmenia

.pdf .pdf
Guadalupe Germplasm White tridens .pdf .pdf
Hidalgo Germplasm Multiflowered False Rhodesgrass .pdf .pdf
Hoverson Germplasm Deer pea vetch .pdf Unavailable
Kinney Germplasm False Rhodesgrass .pdf .pdf
La Salle Germplasm Arizona Cottontop .pdf .pdf
Lavaca Germplasm Canada Wildrye .pdf .pdf
Loma Germplasm purple threeawn .pdf .pdf
Mariah Germplasm Hooded Windmillgrass .pdf .pdf
Maverick Germplasm Pink Pappusgrass .pdf .pdf
Menard Germplasm Purple Threeawn .pdf .pdf
Nueces Germplasm Sand Dropseed .pdf .pdf
Oso Germplasm Halls Panicum .pdf .pdf
Ramadero Germplasm Spike Lovegrass Unavailable .pdf
Rio Grande Germplasm Paririe Acacia .pdf Unavailable
South Texas Germplasm Sideoats Grama .pdf Unavailable
Starr Germplasm Longspike Silver Bluestem .pdf .pdf
STN-176 Germplasm Little Bluestem Unavailable .pdf
STN-461 Germplasm Little Bluestem Unavailable .pdf
STN-496 Germplasm Redseed Plantain Unavailable .pdf
STN-561 Germplasm Hookers Plantain Unavailable .pdf
Venado Germplasm Awnless Bushsunflower .pdf .pdf
Webb Germplasm Whiplash Pappusgrass .pdf .pdf
Welder Germplasm Shortspike Windmillgrass .pdf .pdf
Zapata Germplasm Rio Grande Clammyweed .pdf .pdf