Deer Associates & Deer Research Meetings

The Deer Associates Program under the Patton Center for Deer Research provides private landowners, wildlife managers, agencies, biologists, commercial hunting operations, and deer enthusiasts with the latest findings from deer-related research being conducted at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute. The Deer Associates Program hosts an annual Deer Research Meeting to provide an opportunity for deer enthusiasts to come together to discuss the latest research findings.  The meeting is typically held the first Friday in March. Upcoming meetings will be listed here.

2024 Presentations - March 1, 2024

The Patton Center for Deer Research Annual Update
Dr. Michael Cherry, CKWRI

Errors in Demographic Ratios from Helicopter Surveys
Dr. Aaron Foley, CKWRI

Thermal Drivers and Consequences of Foraging Behavior in White-tailed Deer
Ms. Miranda Hopper, CKWRI

Effects of Early Life Conditions on Growth, Survival, Senescence of White-tailed Deer
Dr. Joe Hediger, CKWRI

Managing White-tailed Deer with Mountain Lions in South Texas*
Mr. Donnie Draeger, Comanche Ranch

Effects of Pregnancy on Thermal Regulation and Behavior in White-tailed Deer
Ms. Breanna Green, CKWRI

*This presentation is unavailable to view.

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