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The Deer Associates Program under the CKWRI Deer Research Program provides private landowners, wildlife managers, agencies, biologists, commercial hunting operations, and deer enthusiasts with the latest findings from deer-related research being conducted at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute. We provide an eNews letter several times through the year. This eNews provides the latest information on deer research findings written by deer experts from the Institute and other collaborating entities. If you would like to sign up to receive the eNews, free of charge, please sign up here.

Additionally, the Deer Associates Program hosts an annual Deer Research Meeting to provide an opportunity for deer enthusiasts to come together to discuss the latest research findings.  The meeting is typically held the first Friday in March. More information concerning the meeting may be found here: Deer Research Meeting

2022 Presentations - March 4, 2022

Deer and Cattle Interactions in the South Texas Heat
Jacob Dykes, CKWRI

Habitat Management: Paradigms and Changes
Dr. Poncho Ortega, CKWRI

Efficacy of Oral Anthrax Vaccines for White-tailed Deer
Dr. Walt Cook, Texas A&M University

Techniques for Aging Deer Based on Tooth Wear Aren’t Aging Well
Dr. Randy DeYoung, CKWRI

Next-Generation Solutions for Chronic Wasting Disease
Dr. Peter Larsen, Minnesota Center for Prion Research and Outreach 

The Tag on Your Pelleted Feed and What it Means for Deer Nutrition
Dr. Dave Hewitt, CKWRI

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