March 2013 Presentations

Introduction to Comanche-Faith Project
Dr.Charlie DeYoung

White-tailed Deer and Vegetation
Effects of Density and Supplemental Feed
Dr. Tim Fulbright

Deer Social Interactions and Feed Consumption
Dr. David Hewitt & Kim Echols

Influence of Density and Supplemental Nutrition on the Population Dynamics of White-tailed Deer in South Texas
Dr. Charlie DeYoung

Effects of Nutrition and Deer Density on Fawn Recruitment - Part 1 & Part 2
Dr. Randy DeYoung

Production of Trophy Bucks and What it All Means
Nate Cook

Summary of the Study
Dr. Charlie DeYoung

Looking to the Future - DMP Research 
Stuart Stedman

March 2012 

Buck movements during the rut: Making sense of the madness
Dr. Randy DeYoung

Patterns of Bait Site Use
Aggressive Interactions and Patterns of Feeder Site Use - Part 1
Aggressive Interactions and Patterns of Feeder Site Use - Part 2
Aggressive Interactions and Patterns of Feeder Site use - Part 3
Chase Currie, Ph. D. Candidate

Feeding-up fawns: Feed-pen designs to improve fawn access
Matt Moore

The role of vegetation and supplemental food in deer nutrition
Dr. David Hewitt

The fallacy of managing the doe:buck ratio
Stuart Stedman

March 2011

Accuracy of Aging Deer
Dr. Mickey Hellickson

Can a Selective Buck Harvest Effect Free-ranging White-tailed Deer Antler Characteristics?
Dr. Charlie DeYoung

Can Culling Bucks Lead to Genetic Change on Large Acreages?
Donnie Draeger

Applying the Bell Curve in Antler Size to Deer Management
Stuart Stedman

Good & Bad Mothers - Which Does Successfully Raise Fawns
Dr. Randy DeYoung

Overwinter Fawn Mortality: Out of Sight - Out of Mind?
Dr. David Hewitt

March 2010

Deer Research Program Update
Overview of Issues: Implications of Too Few and Too Many Deer
David G. Hewitt, Ph.D.
Effects of Deer Density on Vegetation in South Texas
Timothy E. Fulbright, Ph.D.
The Silver Spoon Effect: Impacts of Nutrition on Deer Body and Antler Size
Randy DeYoung, Ph.D.
Managing without Density Dependence
Charlie DeYoung, Ph.D.
Buck Fawns on the Ground: The Awesome Power of Numbers
Stuart W. Stedman

March 2009

Deer Research Program Update
David G. Hewitt, Ph.D.

Exotic Grasses and Deer Management
Timothy Fulbright, Ph.D.

Deer Consumption of Supplemental Feed
Ryan Darr, Master's of Science Candidate

Culling Efficacy: The Need for a Predictive Genetics Model
Stuart W. Stedman, Stedman West Interests, Inc.

Cottonseed as a Supplement for Deer
Sarah Bullock, Master's of Science Candidate

Supplemental Feed: A Manager's Perspective
Donnie Draeger, Wildlife Biologist - Comanche Ranch 

September 2007 

Comanche-Faith Presentation 

Deer Associates Program Update

Understanding Buck Breeding Success

Frels-Culling Program

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