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Waterfowl and Wetland Birds

Waterfowl and Wetland Birds


The Mission of the Waterfowl and Wetland Bird Research Program is to conduct high-quality research relevant to the sustainable management and Conservation of waterfowl and wetland birds.


Scientists associated with the Waterfowl and Wetland Bird program are committed to conducting high-quality research relevant to waterfowl and wetland birds and their habitats along the western Gulf Coast. Our research seeks to increase understanding of waterfowl and wetland bird ecology to increase the effectiveness of conservation and management efforts. We are committed to promoting science-based habitat management and conservation because of its importance to these species and all other wildlife.

We are committed to mentoring graduate students to become successful, engaged professionals in the wildlife field. We do this through high-quality instruction, unmatched hands-on research projects, and numerous professional development opportunities. Our high-quality graduate students are the fuel that helps the Waterfowl and Wetland Bird program run efficiently.

We are also committed to working with private land owners and promoting science-based habitat management. Because our research is largely applied in nature, it becomes relevant only when applied on the ground. Most of the wildlife habitat in Texas is under private ownership, thus private landowners are extremely important in the sustainability of wildlife populations. Because of this, we are committed to providing high-quality outreach to Texas’ citizens.

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