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Read about conservation perspectives and threats of wildlife disease in South Texas, northern bobwhites and habitat fragmentation, conservation of nesting waterbirds along the Texas coast, if gray hawks are an urban success story and more in the Spring 2023 issue of Caesar Kleberg Tracks magazine.  
Whether you are interested in WILD CATS, DEER, QUAIL, WATERFOWL, WILD TURKEYS, or HABITAT RESTORATION, you'll want to check out CKWRI's 2021-2022 CURRENT RESEARCH REPORT now available online!
Read about the influence of dietary energy on deer size, antlers, and reproduction, the effects of painting a Texas tortoise, bobcats in working landscapes of South Texas, habitat restoration and more in the Fall 2022 issue of Caesar Kleberg Tracks magazine.  
The Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute has the opportunity to award annual scholarships to Institute graduate students and Range and Wildlife Management undergraduate students who have demonstrated outstanding academic and professional excellence in their progress towards attaining either an advanced degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) in range and wildlife management or a bachelor’s degree in range… [more]