• Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute at Texas A&M University-Kingsville
    The Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute at Texas A&M University-Kingsville is the leading wildlife research organization in Texas and one of the finest in the nation. Its mission is to provide science-based information for enhancing the conservation and management of wildlife in South Texas and related environments.
  • Deer Research Program
    Scientists associated with the Deer Research Program are committed to conducting research relevant to free-ranging white-tailed deer in southern Texas and northern Mexico. This research seeks to increase understanding of white-tailed deer ecology and thereby increase the effectiveness of deer management.
  • Bobwhite Quail Conservation
    Hunters have been a fundamental component of northern bobwhite quail conservation for most of the past century. Bobwhite quail hunters funded the first modern comprehensive life history study of a wild vertebrate in the 1920s to understand causes responsible for population declines.
  • Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute Announces Dr. David Hewitt as New Executive Director
    Dr. David G. Hewitt has been selected as the new Leroy G. Denman, Jr. Endowed Director of Wildlife Research at the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute. [more]
  • Wildlife Bird Workshop
    Workshops are open to any grade level teacher or educator interested in learning more about the bird conservation curriculum. The workshop is 2 days and involves the training on five lesson plans where participants are briefed on the purpose of the activity, the background, and procedure. Participants then perform the activity to ensure it is clear on what is expected from the students. [more]


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