Wildlife Photography Program

Students in Range and Wildlife Sciences at Texas A&M University-Kingsville can take courses in Wildlife Photography.  Students learn how to take engaging photos that promote wildlife conservation by increasing the public’s interest in wildlife and the outdoors.  Student’s also learn how to take photographs that document research activities and animal characteristics.  Finally, photography is not only important professionally for wildlifers but, for many, will become a life-long passion that gives them another way to enjoy wildlife.  The full program is 6 classes that cover basic to advanced photography, post-production of photos, macro photography, and publishing the students’ work.  Completion of all 6 classes qualifies the student for a minor in wildlife photography. Brian LoflinWildlife Photography courses are taught by Mr. Brian Loflin. Brian is an Adjunct Faculty member and is a highly respected photographer, author, teacher, and consultant. His seasoned professional career spans more than five decades in the advertising, aviation, bio-medical and publishing industry. To see a collection of Brian’s work, please visit his blog at http://bkloflin.wordpress.com and websites, www.loflin-images.com and www.thenatureconnection.com. 
For more information, contact Brian Loflin (brian.loflin@tamuk.edu).