Graduate Students

Each year, CKWRI has at least 50 graduate students involved with active research projects. Our students are the core of the Institute. Their dedication to completing field work, course work, theses and dissertations, public presentations, and manuscripts fuels the Institute's scientific breakthroughs. 

Explore the videos and profiles below, to learn more about our students and their research.

Current Research Videos

Click the thumbnails below to learn about a few of the current research projects being conducted by our graduate students.

Alejandro Bazaldua

Chloe Nouzille

 Duston Duffie

Tyler Bostwick

Emma Weber

Forest Fay

James Helferich

James Neugebauer

Javier Segovia

Joseph Mcgovern

Juan Elissetche

Kristyn Stewart  Murphy

Lindsey Howard

Micayla Pearson

Miranda Hopper

Tori Locke