Emma Weber , Master of Science

Quantifying Waterfowl Use of Wetland Sanctuaries on the Texas Coast Using Autonomous Recording Units
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Emma is from Newton, Illinois and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Geological Sciences and Biology at the University of Miami. After graduating in 2022, hoping to gain experience in wildlife science and natural resources, she worked on projects involving common loon behavior, acoustic bat monitoring, and soundscape monitoring. These experiences interested her in how wildlife populations can be studied using passive acoustic monitoring, which is a way to collect sound recordings using autonomous recording devices that minimize disturbance to wildlife. She is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree, advised by Dr. Jordan Giese and Dr. Bart Ballard. Her research will develop a protocol for passive acoustic monitoring of waterfowl, which will allow estimation of density and species richness of overwintering waterfowl in wetland sanctuaries along the Texas Mid-coast.