South Texas Natives Project

Primary needs for native seed include for use in conservation program seedings, monarch and pollinator habitat restoration, for efforts to convert non-native grass pastures to native wildlife habitat, wildlife food plot and wildlife habitat restoration, for reclamation following pipeline installation, Eagle Ford Shale oil and gas development-related reclamation, and for rangeland restoration following brush management.  Substantial native seed commercialization already completed to date must be sustained by supply of breeder seed stock of past releases, and work to release and commercialize several additional native plant selections in cooperative with the E. “Kika” de la Garza PMC. Evaluation locations for projects in this region include the PMC, STN Farm, and Rio Farms.  Extensive restoration methodology and demonstration project efforts are also being conducted in this region in a variety of settings.

South Texas Collection List

Current Research Abstracts

Restoration of Native Grassland on the South Texas Sandsheet

Restoration of Pollinator Habitat on the Martindale Army Airfield

Update on the South Texas Natives Project

Valley Crossing Pipeline Creates Pollinator Corridor

A Photo Guide to Plants of the South Texas Sand Sheet

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Director - Tony Falk

Phone:  (361) 593-4933