Central Texas Native Seed Project

Extensive needs for additional native seed sources for use in Central Texas relate to land use changes, urbanization, and fragmentation.  Interest in use of native plants for watershed protection projects, monarch and pollinator habitat plantings, wildlife habitat restoration and rangeland restoration are extremely high.  As a region of intense land fragmentation, needs for restoration per area are higher here than almost any other region.  Interest in converting former cropland and bermudagrass pasture to native prairie is also a major driver for demand for additional native seed for this region.  Seed source development projects for several of the most common native grasses in this region are ongoing, as well as efforts to develop releases for wildlife and pollinator plantings. Several large-scale demonstration efforts, as well as multi-ecoregion methodology research projects are underway in Central Texas. Evaluation locations for Central Texas include the Texas AgriLife Research -Stephenville, the United States Department of Agriculture Plant Material Center- Knox City, and the Sandbrock Ranch near Aubrey.  An additional evaluation site in the Edwards Plateau is being sought.


Seed Collection List for Central Texas

Current Research Projects

Central Texas Native Seed Project: Collection, Evaluation, Increase, and Release

Genomic Analysis of Common Texas Native Grasses

Pollinator Habitat Restoration at Camp Bowie Training Center

Sandbrock Ranch Native Grassland Restoration and Demonstration Project


Regional Contact

Assistant Director: Meghan Peoples

Phone: (210) 563-0271

Email: meghan.peoples@tamuk.edu