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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Institute’s Advisory Board was installed in 1984. Initially, 9 members made up the advisory board, two of which, Jim McAllen and Dick Jones, serve on the Board today. In 1999, the Institute recruited additioal outstanding individuals to provide, for the first time, a full complement of 15 members. In 2010, the Advisory Board was expanded to 17 members. This Board provides the Institute leadership and guidance in research ideas, landowner issues, and fundraising programs. Research priorities are also evaluated every year with council from the Advisory Board.

CKWRI Advisory Board Members

Top left to right: G. Allen Rasmussen, Chris Kleberg, Tio Kleberg, Bryan Wagner, Fred Bryant, Gus Canales. Middle left to right: Berdon Lawrence, A.C. 'Dick' Jones IV, Tim Hixon, Karen Hunke, Henry Hamman, Ellen Randall, Stuart Stedman, Barry Roberts, and David Killam. Seated: Jim McAllen, Ken Leonard Not Pictured: Chad Auler, Dan Friedkin, Ben Vaughan, III and Charlie Williams

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