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Science Team

C.C. "Charlie" Winn Endowed Chair for Quail Research
Research Scientist and Professor
Alfred C. Glassell, Jr., Endowed Professor for Quail Research
Research Scientist and Professor
Research Scientist and Associate Professor
Meadows Professor in Semi-arid Land Ecology
Research Scientist and Regents Professor

Graduate Students

Northern Bobwhite Response to Habitat Irrigation
Northern Bobwhite Use of and Abundance in Coastal Bermuda Grass Pasture Restored for Northern Bobwhite Habitat
Impacts of Eagle Ford Shale Exploration on Quail Habitat Use and Abundance
Habitat, Climate, and Raptors as Factors in the Northern Bobwhite and Scaled Quail Declines
Community Diversity and Stability of Birds, Small Mammals, and Butterflies during Native-Grassland Restoration
Effects of Habitat Restoration and Thermal Environments on Northern Bobwhite Habitat Use
Effects of Habitat Restoration on Northern Bobwhites
Effects of plant community structure and red imported fire ants on gamebirds within the coastal prairie of Texas
Precipitation and Management as Drivers of Northern Bobwhite Populations
King Ranch Wildlife Biologically-Based Management Focus
Measuring Northern Bobwhite Response to Post-Grazing Vegetation Recovery in South Texas
Influence of Juniper on Habitat Use and Demography of Montezuma Quail in the Edwards Plateau of Texas
Helminth Parasites of Northern Bobwhite and Scaled (blue) Quail
Quail Habitat Restoration and Thermal Refugia for Scaled Quail
Aspects of Hunting on Northern Bobwhite Quail Populations: Temporal and Spatial Analysis
Peaceful Forest