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Randy W. DeYoung, Ph.D.
Research Scientist and Professor


Randy is a native South Texan who received Bachelor’s (1993) and Master of Science (1997) degrees from Texas A&M University-Kingsville in range and wildlife management.  His  Master’s research focused on the nutritional ecology and group dynamics of desert bighorn sheep in western Texas.  The project was interesting and he had an opportunity to hike over some tremendous vistas in the deserts of west Texas.  Looking for adventure and a new research focus, he went to Mississippi State University, where he developed an appreciation for pulled pork barbecue, blues music, and SEC football and also earned a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology in 2004.  Randy’s dissertation research focused on parentage, mating behavior, and genetic structure in white-tailed deer. While at Mississippi State, he worked in collaboration with researchers from the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation in Oklahoma and Texas A&M University.  This collaboration was a great learning opportunity and allowed Randy to gain experience in the new field of molecular ecology, the use of genetic markers to investigate aspects of wildlife ecology and behavior.  Randy decided to make a career out of molecular ecology and came back to Kingsville in February 2004 as a Research Scientist.  Although his background is in large mammal ecology, he  has broad interests and has current projects on mule and white-tailed deer, feral pigs, bobwhite quail, masked bobwhite, wading birds, gray fox and other small carnivores.

Molecular Genetics

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Molecular Genetics 

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Poncho Ortega and the rest of the CKWRI Deer Research team have a long history of supporting deer management and research in northern Mexico. This support has been in the form of annual presentations at landowner symposiums, visits to ranches interested in developing management programs, and a recent effort funded by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and headed by Sandra Rideout-Hanzak to engage ranchers in northern Mexico. This most recent project brought landowners to Kingsville for workshops, CKWRI deer scientists to northern Mexico to tour ranches, and was capped by publication of a wildlife management handbook written in Spanish for distribution to Mexican ranchers. The book covers the basics of cattle-wildlife operations: management plans for determining objectives of the operation, vegetation and wildlife surveys, habitat management practices, record keeping, monitoring, and wildlife harvest quotas. At the end of 2015, Randy DeYoung and Poncho Ortega were invited to speak at the Annual White-tailed Deer Symposium in Monterrey, Mexico.

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