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Scientists and graduate students associated with the Deer Research Program are committed to conducting research relevant to free-ranging white-tailed deer in southern Texas and northern Mexico. This research seeks to increase understanding of white-tailed deer ecology and thereby increase the effectiveness of deer management. Scientists at the Institute are committed to promoting habitat management and conservation because of its importance to deer and all other wildlife.


Stuart W. Stedman Chair for White-tailed Deer Research
Leroy G. Denman, Jr. Endowed Director of Wildlife Research
Executive Director
Research Scientist and Professor Emeritus
Research Scientist and Associate Professor
Research Scientist and Regents Professor
Jo and Bruce Gunn Endowed Director of Veterinary Technology
Wildlife Veterinarian & Professor
Assistant Professor and Meadows Professor in Semiarid Land Ecology


Assistant Professor of Research
Project Coordinator II
Assistant Professor of Research
Laboratory Manager and Research Scientist

Graduate Students

Effects of Thermal Environment on the Growth and Health of White-Tailed Deer During Summer
Effects of White-tailed Deer Density on Behavior and Supplemental Feed Consumption.
Behavioral Responses of White-tailed Deer to Heat Stress
Estimating White-Tailed Deer Population Sizes Using Drones
Foraging Ecology and Population Parameters of Unmanaged White-tailed Deer in Southern Texas
Evaluating a Forage Based Supplemental Feed for White-Tailed Deer
Population Demographics of Nilgai in South Texas
White-tailed deer density effects on woody plants
Population Reduction of White-Tailed Deer for the Management of Cattle Fever Ticks in South Texas
Effects of water quality and availability on the consumption of pelleted feed in white-tailed deer
Micro-habitat Influences the Phenotypic Quality of White-Tailed Deer in South Texas
Effect of Deer Density on Antler Growth
Impact of Feral Swine on the Fate of Artificial Turkey Nests
Evaluation of methods for Eradication of Cattle Fever Ticks on Nilgai and White-tailed Deer
Influence of Agriculture on Mule Deer Movement Survival in the Texas Panhandle
Peaceful Forest