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C. Berdon & Rolanette Lawrence Endowed Chair in Waterfowl Research
Research Scientist and Professor
Assistant Professor of Research

Graduate Students

Migratory connectivity among Redknot populations in North American
Comparing spring migration strategies of northern pintails originating from different wintering regions across North America

Former Graduate Students

Movement Ecology of Mid-Continent Greater White-Fronted Geese
Movement Ecology of Reddish Egrets
Resource selection by Sandhill Cranes Along the Texas Coast
Nutrient reserve dynamics of female northern pintails during winter
Investigating Migratory Songbird Habitat Associations in South Texas
Evaluations of an avian radar system to monitor bird movements
Developing a decision support tool for mottled duck management along the western Gulf Coast
Diet and Nutrition of Female Northern Pintails Wintering Along the Texas Coast
Impacts of Wind Energy Developments on Wintering Redheads Along the Lower Texas Coast.
Dynamics of Bird Migration Along the Lower Texas Coast
Reproduction Success of the American Oystercatcher in Texas
Evaluating Waterfowl Foraging Values of Freshwater Wetlands and Delineating Marsh Types Along the Texas Coast
Survival and Post Breeding Habitat Use by Western Gulf Coast Mottled Ducks
Foraging Ecology of Reddish Egrets in the Laguna Madre of Texas
Dynamics of Wading Bird Colonies Along the Texas Coast
The Ecological Implications of Marsh Management to Wetland Birds
Chronology and Terrestrial Habitat Use by Migrating Birds in South Texas
Survival, Habitat Use, and Movements of Female Northern Pintails Wintering Along the Texas Coast
Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Reddish Egrets Along the Lower Texas Coast
Utilization of shoalgrass resources and nutritional ecology of wintering redheads in the Laguna Madre of Texas
Reproductive Ecology of Mottled Ducks in Mid-Coastal Texas
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