Tom Langschied, M.S.

Research Technician - Feline Research Program
Serving Since

Tom is former director of the King Ranch Visitor Program and coordinator of King Ranch’s Nature Tour program.  Tom started the King Ranch Nature Tour program back in the fall of 1994.  Originally from Fort Wayne, IN, Tom came down to South Texas in January of 1991 to get his Master’s degree from Texas A&M University- Kingsville and his thesis evaluated seasonal changes in bird communities on King Ranch.  While Tom had worked for King Ranch since 1994, he left is full time position in the summer of 2005 to work full time as a Research Associate for the Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute coordinating a South Texas Wintering Birds program.  Then in November 2013 he returned to the King Ranch full time to coordinate the King Ranch nature tour program once again and later to oversee the overall King Ranch visitor program.   Tom left King Ranch in June of 2023 to pursue other career interests.  

Besides his interest in wild cats and wildlife conservation, he also has a passion for birds, dragonflies, butterflies,  moths and other components of nature.